SPEN ( Solid papillary lesion pancreas) in a young female

A 19 yrs old girl was diagnosed SPEN Pancreas --a rare tumor related to pancreas. She showed in number of hospitals but could not be operated and then she came to us after about 8 months of diagnosis. We confirmed the diagnosis, reviewed the slides and planned for surgery. She had a l arge tumor arising from Head of Pancreas; Adherent to second part of Duodenum and proximal transverse colon. She was planned for surgery with preparation for even Whipples procedure. We dissected and were able to dissect it off the uncinate process of pancreas and were able to enucleate it preserving the rest of pancreas. Postoperatively the patient did well and was discharged after 7 days & is doing fine. Histopath also revealed adequate resection margins.


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