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Jejunal diverticullae presenting as perforation peritonitis.

We operated on a 73 yr old male with irreducible epigastric hernia. X ray showed gas under diaphragm. To our surprise the hernia was incidental and his perforation was in jejunal diverticuli.

Patient Testimonial - Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation

Cancer awareness camp

Free GI & Colorectal cancer awareness camp

Free GI and Colorectal cancer awareness camp

Free GI and Colorectal cancer awareness camp on 1st Sept,2013 at the GI&Colorectal clinic, Phoenix Hospital, E-60, GK-I, New Delhi

This will include:
Free clinical examination by specialists
Free CBC, faecal occult blood test
If required ultrasound abdomen examination


September 20 - 22, 2013

ACRISCON - Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India conference in Khajuraho, MP

October 3-6th, 2013


Colorectal Cancer Treatment by Dr. Deepak Govil

An adhesive omental band can be disastrous

Young female patient presented with central abd pain. CT showed thickened ileal loop with proximal dilatation and this is what we found.

Total gastrectomy for signet ring or poorly differntiated ca antral region stomach

We recommend that for a distal gastric tumour which on histopath is a signet ring ca or  poorly differentiated ca we should go ahead with a total gastrectomy as they have a sub mucosal spread. If one feels that distal radical gastrectomy is sufficient then should always do frozen section examination of margins.

Robotic subtotal gastrectomy - Dr Deepak Govil, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

robotic subtotal gastrectomy in a 76 year old lady with distal gastric tumour. She recovered postoperatively. Was discharged on 5th postop day.

Colo Rectal Cancer - Save Medical costs in India - 100% Cure

Colo Rectal Cancer - Save Medical costs in India - 100% Cure

This is a video showing our objectives at the colorectal cancer research foundation and also highlights the role of robotics in colorectal surgery

You can also visit our website at

Video Showing Recurrent Mucinous Adeno Carcinoma Colon

Video showing DIAGNOSTIC LAPAROSCOPY in a young female patient with recurrent mucinous adeno carcinoma colon.
—It shows the liver, peritoneum to be normal except for some adhesions —
A ball of mucinous tumour close to the right adnexa but could be separated with ease from the right ovary and tubes

Recurrent Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of colon


26 years old lady presented in August 2010 with complaints of lower abdominal pain off and on for 1 year. She also had H/o 2-3 kg weight loss in three months. There was no h/o loss of appetite, no h/o bleeding P/R, No h/o altered bowel habit
CECT scan abdomen showed large polypoidal mass in ileoceacal region. She underwent
Right hemicolectomy in August 2010.  H/P examination revealed  Moderately differentiated mucinous adenocarcinoma pT3N1MxTumor was reaching up to serosa, LN mets present (7/13)Proximal & distal resection margin was free from tumor. After this the patient received chemotherapy from September 2010 to march 2011During follow up of 26 months patient was normal clinically. PET-CECT scan done 6 monthly and serum-CEA done 3 months intervals was normal. During follow up September 2012 serum-CEA rose to 8.6 . PET-CECT scan, UGI endoscopy, Colonoscopy Normal, Repeat in December 2012 s-CEA was17.0.  PET-CECT scan showed FDG avid heterogenous enhancing hypodense le…